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Cool. We got mentioned. Here it is. Bicycling Sept-2015. Plus there’s an online extra, titled Ultra Riders: The Lengths They Will Go To. Have a look at


We’ll also add something on the 2015 PBP. But this isn’t just about Paris. It’s about everyone taking part in long distance events. We’re a friendly bunch. Below are all the guys from the 600km in April.

Saturday 25 April 2015, 02:51 AM. Left to right: Andrew Wheeldon, Derek Lawrence, Marius Nel (seated), Gerhard van Noordwyk (standing), Daniel Langenhoven (seated), Ernst Engelbrecht, Chris van Zyl, Nico Coetzee, Wimpie van der Merwe, Gary Kuhnert, Gideon Krige and Peter Müller. Rob Walker took the picture.


Join us

Visit AudaxSA. Book a ride. Try it out. If the distances scare you, then first look at something like the Tour de Boland. Once you have completed this, you will certainly be ready for a 300km or more.

Another 600

DSC02537 (1280x960)
This was December 2014. Having cycled through the night, here we are at a breakfast and beer stop in McGregor. From left to right is Rob Walker, Theunis Estherhuizen, myself & Eugene du Plessis.


Above you can see Eugene still has and abundance of suntan lotion on his face. But nowhere else — he ended up the next day looking like he wore long pants, because his legs were the exact same shade of red as his Specialized bib shorts. Lesson learned.


Did I mention that Eugene completed the 600km BRM on a mountain bike? Surely a 1st for Audax South Africa. Mad. I’m sure he’s regained use of all his fingers by now.

Featured image taken by another CPT Randonneur, Emmerentia Jacobs.

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