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  • Dual citizenship
  • Various income streams
  • Increase assets under management


Uninterrupted employment history since varsity, including >10 years in Financial Markets Management and 5 years as National Sales Manager and Business Analyst.

  • 2004: Special Projects, Shoprite
  • 2005: National Sales Manager, AMS
  • 2008: Co-Founded Start-Up, Altfund
  • 2009: Derivatives Trader, Afrifocus
  • 2011: Portfolio Manager, Courtney



  • Financial Services
  • Business Intelligence
  • Information Technology
  • Sales and Marketing

In the workplace

  • Quick to grasp the bigger picture
  • Early adopter who values time
  • Love computers and numbers
  • Use tech to implement systems


  • B.Comm with 9 Distinctions (US)
  • Registered Securities Trader (JSE)
  • Derivatives Compliance (SAIFM)
  • Key Individual, Hedge Funds (FSCA)
  • Certified Estate Agent, CEA (EAAB)
  • International Honour Society (GK)


Strategic, Logical, Analytical, Intellectual, Independent, Decisive, Private, Focused, Curious & Self-assured. Myers-Briggs Type INTJ.

I have a strong Entrepreneurial spirit and bought over a dozen investment properties, first one at age 21.


Endurance cycling (TCR, LEL, PBP, R5000, 3xSR, Munga). I also enjoy traveling and have been fortunate to visit the following countries:


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