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How much can you eat and drink while cycling 1000 kilometers in the heat of summer? Have a look.

Don’t be fooled by the healthy featured image. These long rides are the perfect excuse to stuff your face with whatever you feel like, as it quickly evaporates over the next few pedal strokes. And repeat.

A ride report can be tedious, but fortunately I find it easy to remember the flow of events based on what I ate. Below is a cryptic but extensive list of what we consumed over these four days under the South African sun.

In short: at least half a dozen hamburgers, twice as many beers, a couple of worthless pain-blockers, six sachets of Rihidrat® and ten energy gels. Who said cycling isn’t fun?

  1. Well — coffee & banana
  2. Raw — droewors milk panini
  3. Rob — coffee doughnut milk panini
  4. Barry — toasted cheese beer sprite
  5. Ronnies sex shop — beer
  6. Ladi — burger chips coke lucozade
  7. Calitz — port burger chips beer
  8. Morning — forced down a panini
  9. Oud — coffee fruit panini droewors
  10. Turn — wimpy combo and floats
  11. Eight — toasted cheese chips beer
  12. Oud — burger lucozade crisps milk
  13. Calitz — ½ panini loads of water
  14. Zoar — coke and crisps
  15. Ladismith — this was by far the biggest one, with a Steers burger and chips, chocolate milkshake, ice cream, two cokes and a lucozade. Bon route.
  16. Ronnie — burger beer food envy
  17. Barry — peanuts nougat crisps tex
  18. Peter — lasagna ginger beer
  19. Montagu — coke jelly custard aircon
  20. Ashton — coke at garage
  21. Rob — wimpy breakfast two floats
  22. Raw — pizza and beer under oaks
  23. Calabash — coke & two grapetisers
  24. Wellington — last milkshake
  25. En route — beer while pedaling
  26. Home — many beers.

It may sound like overkill, but I’ve still lost weight during the ride, despite my best efforts. Let’s do so again.


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