Why I love the Tour de Boland

I’ve always wanted to organise a cycling event, so I jumped at this opportunity. And I’m working with a brilliant team.

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I cycled my first TdB this year and it will certainly not be my last. My goal was not to come last each day. Turns out I did better than expected. The slightly longer stages was a perfect fit. And not everyone is a racing snake — you can just come along for the ride.

1. Bit of a challenge

With the exception of the first day, the average daily distance is around 125km. This calls for just enough effort to have some bragging rights after the event. The longer you go, the stronger you get.

2. Time to relax

Once you’re done cycling for the day, you can choose how you spend the rest of it. This year I took my laptop and did some work in the afternoons. You can do both. But for next year I’ve decided to leave the laptop at home to properly soak up the experience.

3. Training

The longer stages are an excellent way to build on your base training. There were also a number of Epic riders who ditched their mountain bikes to break the routine and get in some road miles. Or, if you’re like me, it might be some of the few opportunities you get to cycle uninterrupted for a whole week.

4. Great timing

It’s during the week prior to the CT Cycle Tour. Which is great for two reasons. After a week of TdB, you’ll arrive at the start line, fit as a fiddle. And we know flights are a nightmare that week, so skip the madness, come down a week earlier — and while other cyclists are stuck at the airport, you’re already sipping wine in the vineyards with some miles in your legs. Brilliant.

5. Great scenery

We take the roads less travelled. Safe and scenic and lovely to pass through quaint little towns. The people are sincere and the heart-warming hospitality will leave you wanting to come back every year. Refreshing.

6. Exclusivity

MTB stage races are a dime a dozen. But there are very few road stage events open to everyone. So come and ride through the Boland and a safe environment. And on 23c wheels it goes quickly.

7. Best value

It’s the best value stage race (ride) in the country. Every rider decides how lavish or basic he wants to tour. The entry fee is not loaded with unnecessary or unwanted extras. Isn’t freedom of choice wonderful?

8. Score some points

Grab enough vitality points to hit your ceiling in the outdoor activities category. All within the first quarter of the year. Well done.

What are you waiting for?

Live if short. Come ride with us. www.tourdeboland.com

Tour de Boland _ Logo_Logo

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