LEL 2017 Controls2 min read

No story here, just a list of all the controls on London-Edinburgh-London from 30 July till 4 August 2017.

Memories fade. Maybe these pics can help you recollect some good times. It certainly worked for me. Pictured above is the Humber Bridge at night, with those red lights at the top visible from miles away.


Davenant School, Chester Road, Loughton — from where I left late and with a hangover, but returned to with a smile (11:45 out and 06:32 back).

St Ives

St Ivo School, High Leys, St Ives — lovely pastries (16:10 out and 21:44 back).


Spalding Grammar School, Priory Road, Spalding — ah, that cricket ground, perfect stop on both occasions (dark out and 17:20 back).


King Edward VI Grammar School, Edward Street, Louth — ever so slightly hidden away and I had to double-check but we did stop there twice (22:55 out and 11:08 back).


Pocklington School, West Green, Pocklington — overslept in the sports hall just across the road (05:04 out and 23:48 back).


Thirsk Academy, Topcliffe Road, Thirsk — the sun one shines in the google map as it was cold and wet when we got here (22:27 out and 18:24 back).

Barnard Castle

Barnard Castle School, Newgate, Barnard Castle — spectacular building and friendly people (16:47 out and 12:59 back).


William Howard School, Longtown Road, Brampton — I only remember this one at night (indeed so, at 23:09 out and 04:19 back).


Moffat Academy, Academy Road, Moffat — those rugby fields (only on the way out, at 08:42)


Gracemount High School, Lasswade Road, Edinburgh — half-way, where it rained on arrival and departure (14:51).


Saint Ronan’s Primary School, St Ronan’s Road, Innerleithen — wow, what a great ride to and from here. Haggis. (18:57).


Eskdalemuir Community Hub, Eskdalemuir — from where I set off in the wrong direction (left below) after a cat nap on a gym mat (23:02).

Great Easton

Grest Easton Primary School, Snow Hill, Great Easton — cold at night, more gym mats, and almost back at the finish (02:50).

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