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A crude comparison between arguably the world’s two most popular international Audax events.

Paris-Brest-Paris is older than the Olympic Games and the Tour de France, while it’s English cousin London-Edinburgh-London is widely regarded as one of the best-organised Randonnées (French for excursion). Below is 30 things I have experienced during each one. Stats are at the time of writing.

Paris-Brest-Paris vs London-Edinburgh-London

Organiser ACP AUK
Held every 4 years 4 years
Since 1891 1989
Age 126 years 28 years
Editions 18 to date 8 to date
Next one 2019 2021
Cyclists 6000 1500
Distance 1230 km 1440 km
Limit 90 hrs 117 hrs
Minimum 13.6 km/h 12.3 km/h
Timing each control just overall
Elevation 11000 m 11000 m
Profile rolling hills long climbs
Route marked unmarked
Entry fee €115/R1.8k £319/R5.4k
Basis pay as you go all inclusive
Value good great
Drop bags excluded included
Controls frantic organised
Beers at controls at the pub
Language French English
Atmosphere festive quiet
Crowds massive minute
Scenery rural diverse
Surface smooth less so
Time August August
Daylight 13.5 hrs 15 hrs
Rain 20%, 30mm 30%, 50mm
Wind 8 km/h 9 km/h
Day Temp 14-25°C 11-23°C
Finishers 75% (2015) 55% (2017)
Entries qualify lottery
Tri-bars none allowed
Summary long ride adventure
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Should you do it? Without question.

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