What is in a kilogram?

In April this year we were cycling up Du Toitskloof pass, just before the crack of dawn, as part of a 600km ride. Someone started with the Coke bottle analogy. And for me it works as follows.

I like cycling with Derek Lawrence. He weighs 63kgs and I am 113. So very different riding styles. He is like a rocket on the uphills — where I feel like a dung beetle manipulating an atlas stone. In contrast, any plus-sized cyclist knows that momentum is you best friend when the road flattens or points downwards, provided off course that your brakes are in order.

The difference between us is 50kg. Glancing over it, you might think it is just a number. But head down to your local supermarket and try stacking 25 x 2-litre Coke bottles into a shopping trolley and then pushing it around.

Statistics would refer to this amount as significant.


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